The construction of Tulahead began in 1978 and with the help of many volunteers, Tulahead was able to hold their first camps in the summer of 1981. Tulahead was established to provide a place for the children of Junior Adventure Hour (a children’s outreach ministry) and their friends to attend during the summer. The camp property was used for ranching before its purchase and in keeping with the western theme, the society was first named the J.A.H. Ranch Society. It was in 1991 that the name was changed to the Camp Tulahead Society.

As the camps continued to grow in numbers, they realized that the impact was far exceeding the small focus group they had started with and they were excited to expand their mission field.

Tulahead was owned and operated by the Camp Tulahead Society and now is owned and operated by Camp Luther Association, a registered, non-profit, interdenominational ministry that has been serving campers for over 72 years. It is supported by camper and guest group fees, and the prayer, goodwill and donations of its camp family.

The ministry is cared for by many groups of people including: Board of Directors; Full time Staff; Summer Paid Staff and Volunteers.


April 22, 2022 Camp Luther Association officially began the new chapter for Camp Tulahead and Camp Luther.  

Over three years ago God started a process of moving our camps into their next chapters of ministry.  The process was prayer filled, thorough and well discussed.  Camp Tulahead’s Board of Directors and members went through a process of discerning which camp shared it’s values of   Leadership, Innovation, Relationships, Spiritual Development, Responsible Stewardship.

Camp Luther shares these values and our 72 years of ministry is evidence of that. Their members voted to gift the ministry over to Camp Luther and our members voted in favor of accepting the opportunity and are ready to move our ministries forward. 

As you can imagine we will need some time to familiarize ourselves with the property, build a team and assess where things are at.   A proper assessment of the property, buildings, equipment etc. is important and will take some time. Once we have gone through a thorough assessment we will then be able to make decisions about steps.

As we move forward we want to keep our members and camp families informed.  It is the desire of both camps to have it’s members and families be part of this new chapter and continue to write our camp stories together. 

visit campluther.ca to stay informed. 

Matt Castle, Executive Director, Camp Luther Ministries